HDi Plastics - A Plastic Recylcing Company In Taylor, Texas
HDi Plastics - A Plastic Recylcing Company In Austin, Texas

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HDI Plastics, Inc., a subsidiary of Minneapolis based Hypertension Diagnostics, Inc. (HDii.com) NASDAQ listed HDii.PK, is a plastics recycling company located in Taylor, TX. We process postconsumer and postindustrial thermoplastic waste materials into clean, reusable resin sold to manufacturers of plastic products. Our recycled resins are used in high percentages with virgin resin, reducing our customers' material cost and environmental impact. We have the capability to sort, shred, wash, grind and pelletize plastic materials. We are always looking for new suppliers and customers. Contact us today to see if we can be of service!

HDi Plastics Services

HDi Plastics works with companies to help them determine the best recycling program, what plastic products can be recycled and services to help them reclaim and reuse their own waste.

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